A Guide to Buying Pet Products

  Facts about pets

Australian families who share their homes with pets number among the highest in the world, with 64% of households including pets. In those 7.5 million households, fish top the pet population at over 12 million, followed by birds, at 9 million. At almost 4 million, there are more dogs than either boys or girls under the age of 14 years, and our domestic cat population is approximately two and a half million. If we group horse for pleasure riding, rodents, rabbits, snakes, lizards and others together, we can add another 2 million pets.

Pet Supplies Pet association has been shown to have enormous positive benefits on health and wellbeing of Australians. thecityloo.com/ When you have a pet as a member of your family, you will visit the doctor less frequently and use less medication, have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, recover from illness and surgery more rapidly, deal with stress better and be less likely to feel lonely. All in all, it is estimated that pet association saves the Australian health budget almost S4 billion annually.

Around 90% of Australian familles with pets, consider those pets as fully integrated family members and the primary caregiver who assumes responsibility for the pet in the majority of situations is female. Not surprisingly, expenditure on pets, pet care and pet products in Australia is placed at more than $4 billion annually and provides employment for more than 40,000 people. Of this expenditure, two thirds (66%) is spent on dogs and one quarter (25%) is spent on cats. Dogs therefore get the greater amount of attention in pet world.

Care and grooming products

Caring for pets requires time and energy on the part of the caregiver. In today's busy world, time is a commodity in shorter supply than perhaps it once was. There are a lot of products available to help reduce the amount of time needed for pet care. Search Myshopping.com.au for pet care products for your particular animal.

There are automatic feeding and watering products that mean your animal can access food and water when they need it and don't have to depend on you being there to attend to it. Having water readily available for dogs and cats is important because they dehydrate more quickly than humans. Automated pet feeders not only reduce the chore of being there to provide meals for your pets, but add the convenience of timing food releases for animals that may be subject to particular dietary needs. Using an elevated pet feeder can aid your pet's digestion because the pet doesn't have to strain and bend over to access the food. Portable watering and feeding products are useful for those who take their pets with them at work or on the move, and include drinking pouches and feedbags for dogs and cats.

The need to groom your pet depends a lot on your living environment, and whether (or how much) your pet is an indoor or outdoor pet. Grooming could be a daily, weekly or occasionally scheduled activity, and is necessary to keep the animal's coat healthy and to eradicate fleas and other parasites. It is also important to keep dander in check. Grooming products for pets include products for coat maintenance, nail clipping, dental care, bathing and beauty. There is a huge range of shampoos, face washes, and deodorisers and skin care products as well as styling tools and bows and ribbons for beautification. Grooming tools you may require could include a grooming table, heated blower-dryer, combs, rakes and brushes. As well as nail files and clippers.

Accommodation and transport products

As we cram ourselves into smaller and smaller living spaces, we have a need to accommodate our pets in the most comfortable manner. There is a huge range of bedding, mat and cushion products for dogs and cats, as well as cages and aquariums for birds and fish. (Aquariums are also available for hermit crabs and snails). Small 'housing' products such as indoor and outdoor kennels and sleeping tents and bags come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all kinds of living environments. Rugs and shelters are also important for keeping your pets warm during cold weather, and insulated or shaded shelters are important during warmer weather. Pet that suffer from arthritis can benefit from pet warming pads, while animals that have motor disabilities can benefit from special ramps and steps that aid them in their mobility.

As a large proportion of pet owners like to travel with their pets in cars or on bicycles, there are a large number of travelling options, including specially designed car seats, harness and soft cages. Some car seats double as a travel suitcase to carry your pet's travel needs or as a bed for a comfortable night's sleep. For the cyclist, there is a range of pet bicycle baskets available with different safety and security features.

One of the reasons that pets help foster better health is due to the time we spend walking, running or playing with them. Searching Myshopping.com.au for leads and collars will yield a tremendous variety of products. Leads that you can belt around your waist give you 'hands-free' control of your dog while you walk or jog freely. Collars not only provide a way to carry your animal's registration tags, but also provide a unique identity for your pet. If your pet is small or has a disability, you can get a pet stroller or a pocket pouch to walk or carry your pet.

Safe and secure enclosures can keep pets from wandering off, while giving them an outdoor experience. Safety pet fences or cat fences are wire mesh enclosures that can be used in backyards or on balconies to keep you pet safe while giving tem the ability to stretch in the fresh air. Portable soft pens, many of which can be coupled together to enclose a larger area, are ideal for containing a pet indoors or blocking off an entrance.

Safety products and toys

There are occasions when both pets and humans need to be kept safe from each other and from other dangers in the home and neighbourhood. These can include muzzles and safety restraints, as well as steps and life preservers to use in shimming pools and at beaches. The elderly pet may need special pet stairs or slings to help with mobility, or a brace that acts as a support crutch.

There is no shortage of toys for your pet available through Myshopping.com.au and may include scratching posts and tunnels for your cat; Frisbees, balls and bones for your dog, mirrors and balls for your birds, racing tracks for rodents. You can even find the more unusual toys along with training devices; clothing articles and pampering products here on Myshopping.com.au just click and search.

The Best Pet Products For Your Pet

The love for pets pushes their owners to try to do everything possible to keep them healthy and fit. The best pet products from the best pet supply stores are needed and a lot of research has to be done to offer the right care to those animal members of the family.

Although not a primary concern for many (because they are not aware of the existing dangers), pet nutrition plays an important role in the care of an animal. Many pet owners go to a pet supply store and buy pet products, but they are not always very careful. They sometimes make mistakes by buying canned food and thinking that it is equivalent to meat. Feeding their pet with that food every day is not a good idea, because it may contain toxins and preservatives that can harm their pets. Some of them are dangerous even for the owners. So, when you decide to buy food for your pet, be very careful and avoid those containing organophosphate pesticides (Ops). The seven OPs that must be avoided are: hlorpyrifos, dichlorvos, tetrachlorvinphos, malathion, diazinon, phosmet, and naled.

The ideal food for a pet is the one made at home and combined with several vitamins bought from a pet supply store. But in many cases the owners do not have the time to prepare the food themselves. Luckily, there are some alternatives such as ready-to-eat freeze dried and frozen materials or raw meals. Pets will just love this kind of raw food. These food products have supplements and can be a good substitute in case you can't feed your dog with bones for example. They can also be found in any pet supply store so there is a double advantage: they are nutritious and easy to buy.

One must give special attention to the pet supply store from where you buy the food. A pet supply store situated in a good area can provide food of higher quality and the risks of this food being expired or rotten are substantially reduced. Of big importance is the producer of these food products. Some of them may seem a little expensive, but, in most cases, they are better than cheaper products. Made from natural food (for example from chicken raised without steroids and hormones) and containing important vitamins, fats, minerals and fatty acids, these products are important for the health of your pet. The assistance offered by the employees of your pet supply store is also very important in deciding what kind of food is suitable for your pet.

If you are not satisfied with what you found in different stores or you just don't have the time to search, the internet is a very good alternative. You can look for advice regarding the best food and the best pet products and find out that everything can be available very quickly at the push of a button. Buying for your pet online is very easy. All you need to know is what kind of food you want and then start filling your cart. If you are unsure what kind of food or other pet products are good, just use an internet search engine and type "pet products" and you will be given a list of websites that offer pet products. They will help you find out more about the food suitable and also other important advice regarding the health of your pet.

Online shopping for your pet doesn't refer only to food. It also gives you the opportunity to find other pet products. This kind of shopping gives you access to online forums with veterinarians or food experts. This type of shopping is for those who prefer staying at home with their children or even with their pets than going into a pet supply store. The only major disadvantage in online shopping is that you can't see the products with your own eyes until they are delivered. In some cases one can be disappointed by the delivered pet products. In a pet shop, products can bee seen and no surprises can be expected. However, if a surprise can occur in a "live" store, you won't be able to detect it right then and there. The expired products will surely affect your pet. This is why online stores are better.

The time of delivery is also very important in the case of online shopping. If bought from the nearby area, the products are delivered immediately and help save time for searches and bargains. The search is a lot more pleasant because it is done from the comfort of your own home. But, if the pet products are ordered from a different area, it can take some time until they are delivered. Then there is the problem of shipping fees which are cheaper if the pet products are purchased directly from a pet supply store. However, online shopping saves time and a lot of headaches.

In many shop, especially on the web, there are a lot of special offers for pet products. Although they are appealing, the owner must be very careful if he wants to buy a large quantity of food or other pet products. The expiration date needs extra attention. One must also check the products to find out if they are OPs free and in case of some pet products, such as leashes, he must make sure that they are not dangerous for their pet and for the other members of the family.

If you've decided to buy online for your pet, be sure you can find hundreds of pet products and lots of advice for pet owners. There is a lot of information available. Pictures together with pet products that have a very friendly design will make your online visit a delight. If you are not satisfied with your findings, you can always use the internet search engines and look some more for the perfect pet products. You will eventually find exactly what you want.


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